Chef Tony

Chef Tony

Tony Carracci — "I Wanted to Create a Rustic, Handcrafted, Locally Grown, Organic experience in a unique space. When I met the good people of Point San Pablo Harbor it just all came together perfectly. This dining experience is like no other! Come grab some BBQ & say hi to the pirate crew!"

Starting at a young age Tony has always had a true passion for food, life and people. All he has ever wanted was to feed people, good, handcrafted food.

Tony loves educating people about the importance of good ingredients and being aware of where your food comes from. With his new location at the beautiful historic, Point San Pablo Harbor, Tony and the Point San Pablo Harbor team are building a unique waterfront community and experience!

Come see for yourself and eat some delicious BBQ. Vegetarian and Vegan options also available. We have a kids menu too!

"When Your Workday ends, my brisket still has 4 hours to go."